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  • Amigo® Three-In-One Evolution (No Fill) Fly sheet

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    The AMIGO® THREE-IN-ONE EVOLUTION is the ultimate summer defense: waterproof, breathable and perfect for changeable weather, acting as a lightweight turnout & fly sheet in one. Its seamless design with integrated neck cover, waterproof top section and deep net sides provide maximum breathability to avoid overheating in warmer weather.

    UV protection ensures your horse has additional defense from the elements. Shine enhancing polyester lining will also improve your horses shine along the shoulders, top section and tail whilst protecting the mane.

    Designed with disc-front closure with sure-fit neck design, leg arches and straight surcingles for freedom of movement.


    Most of us are aware that insects are drawn to certain odors and are repelled by others. Recent studies have discovered that they respond the same way to certain colors, and in turn their behavior can be influenced by color.

    Insects are naturally attracted to bright colors such as yellow, white or dark colors resembling hide or rumps. However, colors like light green or aqua mixed with orange won’t register when seen in the UV spectrum, deterring insects away from these color combinations. This is a natural deterrent in itself.

    This latest color technology research has resulted in a leading product at the forefront of insect repellent technology.


    • Waterproof and breathable 900D ACY polyester/nylon top section.
    • Polyester net sides.


    • Perfect for changing weather, acting as a lightweight turnout & flysheet in one.
    • Seamless design with integrated neck cover and waterproof top section.
    • Deep net sides provide maximum breathability to avoid overheating in warmer weather.
    • UV-Protection.
    • Shine enhancing polyester lining on waterproof sections, shoulder & mane area as well as tail flap.
    • Disc-front closure with Surefit neck design, leg arches and three straight surcingles for maximum belly coverage.
    • Oversized tail flap for maximum coverage and wipe clean tail cord.