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  • Woof Wear Smart Fetlock Boot

    $79.95 $71.95

    Designed to offer flexible protection for the fetlock against brushing and strike injuries. The key impact areas are protected by D3O material which is flexible until subjected to a high impact force when it instantaneously firms into a unique protective shield. Using breathable neoprene with a soft lycra binding and a vented flexible polyurethane shell, the new Smart Fetlock Boot provides exceptional protection to the horse's hind legs.  D3O material strike zone, ventilated and flexible polyurethane shell, breathable neoprene layer, secure elastic with billet fastenings. Suitable for show jumping, dressage and general schooling right up to top-level competition.  Sold in pairs. 

    • Offers protection against brushing and strikes to the fetlock
    • Unique D3O material
    • Secure elastic with billet fastenings
    • Suitable for show jumping, dressage, and schooling