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Rambo Ionic stable sheet

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The Rambo Ionic Stable sheet is made of a ring spun polyester with moisture management technology. It is made of highly wicking, durable material and can be used during travel, before and after exercise, and in the stable.

 This blanket features Rambo Ionic Technology, which helps promote the well-being of the horse. Rambo Ionic Therapy Technology is unique in that the inner fabric of the blanket is printed with powdered Tourmaline, a crystal which releases negative ions. This release of negative ions causes a change in the horse's body, including increased blood flow to muscles, which leads to increased levels of oxygen in the muscles. This increase in oxygen helps to clear toxins from the body. Other benefits the Rambo Ionic Technology can provide to your horse are:

  • Metabolism Stimulation
  • Immune System Strengthening
  • pH Balance Restoration
  • Blood Pressure Reduction