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  • Majyk Equipe Eventing 4 Pack - (Fronts and Hinds) Boyd Martin Series

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    Outer Construction

    This 4 Pack features our Generation 2 original design boots. The boot has a unique fit which will not inhibit the horse's movement, constructed from a super strong but lightweight rip-stop material bonded over a breathable mesh. No glue is used so the boots will not separate, Inside the boot is a four-way flexion strike plate designed to work with a horse’s movement but form a hard wall when faced with impact. Finished with long adjustable straps and double stitched tabs. The boot construction is designed to repel water and dust over all kinds of terrain. Finished with long adjustable straps and double stitched tabs.

    Inner Construction

    Lined with a non-neoprene bio-foam interior, this foam is super soft but grips the horse’s leg. The lightweight foam has extra large perforations, so heat build-up is prevented and air can circulate. Quick Drying. The boots are packaged in a clear reusable boot bag, perfect for storing the boots. Front boots and hind boots are included in the pack. Super value.

    FEATURES: • Ripstop TPU bonded to Mesh • Neoprene Free Bio Foam Liner • 4 Way Flex Strike Guard • Double Stitched Finishes • Adjustable Straps • Free Boot Bag Included

    Sold as a Four Pack