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  • Kensington Signature Super Mesh Turnout light weight


    TEXTILENE: outershell 1,000 x 2,000 Denier. Extremely durable, and mildew resistant

    COOL PLUS lining: Helps reduce body heat, wicks moisture and Improves breathability.

    SNOW PROOF: The textilene shell creates an igloo pocket which prevents ice/snow from penetrating to the inner layers.

    CLOSURE: Clip front closure with buckles to adjust the perfect size, for any easy on/off experience.

    SUREFIT Design: Sits above the withers, generous neckline, contoured top line, fitted hindquarters and extended body drop.

    Kensington SuperMesh Turnout

    Winter has met its match with the SuperMesh Turnout. This turnout is everything to winter that our Protective Sheet is to summer. The outer shell is constructed with the same 1000 x 2000 Denier Textilene® that is found on our Protective Sheet. The Textilene® acts as armor making this the most durable turnout available on the market. Under the Textilene® is a 100% waterproof, and highly breathable layer. The inner layer of this turnout features our exclusive CoolPlus® liner which pulls moisture away from your horse to help keep them dry under the blanket. This turnout is offered in 80g weight.  These turnouts are offered in our Surefit® which we designed to fit a wider range of horses from narrow and lanky to broad and stocky. This blanket stays secure with an adjustable front with snaps for easy on and off, criss-cross belly straps and rear leg straps. The criss-cross belly straps and rear leg straps are all removable along with the belly band and tail flap.