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  • Kensington fly boots


    *Allow extra time for delivery*

    These are the only horse boots on the market today that have a plastic stay built under the fleece, allowing the boots to stay upright and protect the legs. Kensington's protective fly boots feature 3 Hook and Loop closures and fleece trim for extra comfort. These boots protect from biting insects, mud, sand and dirt. Prevents injury from stomping by keeping flies from biting the horses legs and also adds protection while shipping.

    Set of two HORSE SIZE.

    Horse size: 15" height, 10.5-12.5" circumference


    Pony size: 11" height, 9.5-11.5" circumference

    Draft size: 16.5" height, 15.5"-18" circumference

    Mini size: 8.5" height, 6.5-8.5" circumference