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  • KB's Tack in the Box Large


    Bring back the excitement into any Equestrians day with a specialized box full of horsey goodness! 

    KB's Tack in the Box is a subscription based program that will be sure to please! Want to try it out? Give it a one time chance to impress, you'll be back for more! 

    New horse related items will be randomly selected for the "Tack Box size" of your choice. The value of items will equal or exceed the subscription cost. Amount of items per box will vary. Typically 3-5 items will be in each of the Tack Box's, but may be less or more depending on individual item value.

    Our brands: Woof Wear, Equine Comfort Products, Horseware, Perri's Leather, Carr Day & Martin, Metalab, Lami-cell, Toklat, Bobby's English Tack, Nunn Finer, PRI, Kensington Protective Products, Equi-sky with MORE to come!


    Tack in the box Large:

     -$99.99 Tack in the Box. 

     -6-month subscription will save you 10%, PLUS only pay a one time Shipping and Handling fee!

     -Seasonal subscription will save you 5%, PLUS only pay a one time Shipping and Handling fee! Seasonal order will receive the first Tack in the Box in 7-14days then fall into schedule as outlined below. 

    Seasonal Tack in the Box schedule: January, April, July, October. For a total of 4 great Tack in the Box's total!

    **Shipments will be dispatched by or before the 15th of every month, or per subscription selected. Expect your first Tack in the Box to arrive 7-14 days after ordering**

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